Monday, January 21, 2008

Back In Gear: So Far So Good...

The one negative I'll pick out from today's matinee is that Boston has got to stop the talking, especially when you're up 20. There's no need for it and nothing good comes from it.

Kendrick Perkins played really well today. He was his usual solid self on the boards and defensive end of the floor. But what impressed me in addition to his usual contributions was that Perk seemed to be more in sync with the game on the offensive end today. Perk had a couple nice passes, he was moving very well without the ball and finding those open spots where Pierce, Rondo, or KG could find him. Perk also was very decisive with his moves off the catch, an aspect of his game where he has shown a tendency to be predictable.

Rondo had some real nice moments in his first game back.

KG was everywhere today.

Pierce's offensive numbers were not gaudy today by any means, but I really enjoyed watching Paul continue to create out there off the drive. Pierce also continues to hustle and give everything he has on the defensive end. Statistically, Paul may not be having one of his best seasons. But with respect to impact, I think Paul might be having the best season of his career.

Leon Powe also got a little time today, and was in my opinion quite effective for the short stretch that he played.

The Boston Celtics seem to be back in sync on the offensive end.

Boston finished with 15 tunrovers compared to NYK's 16. Boston shotw well from the field, and overpowered NYK on the defensive and offensive glass.

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